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Title: Social Capital Formation in an Imperfect Credit Market
Other Titles: ―Evidence from Sri Lanka―
Authors: Shoji, Masahiro
Aoyagi, Keitaro
Kasahara, Ryuji
Sawada, Yasuyuki
Ueyama, Mika
Keywords: Social capital formation
Credit constraints
Persistent shocks
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2010
Series/Report no.: Working Paper;No.3
Abstract: This study uses a unique long panel dataset from Sri Lanka to examine the mechanism of social capital formation in an imperfect credit market. The authors show that households in the face of credit constraints reduce the time allocation for social capital investment, such as participation in community works. The paper also finds that temporal declines in social capital investment persistently reduce the level of trust in the community. These findings imply the existence of a poverty trap, because the absence of a credit market access generates poor social capital which, in turn, leads to poor access to the informal credit market, causing further credit constraints.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10685/58
Appears in Collections:Impact Assessment of Infrastructure Projects on Poverty Reduction

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